The Paw Spa wants to make your experience a pleasant one.  We will do all we can to make your pet feel comfortable and will advise you of any abnormalities we might see as we groom your pet.   Once bathing or grooming has been completed if you are not satisfied we will do all we can to rectify the problem such as re-bathing, re-cutting, re-brushing, or give you a limited credit toward your next appointment, however we will not give any cash refunds.
Reasonable Care: The Paw Spa agrees to exercise reasonable care for your pet while at our facility.
Grooming Rates: Owner agrees to pay the current grooming rate per visit per dog for services rendered.  You will be advised of grooming rates prior to any work being done, however, certain treatments such as dematting may not be pre-quoted but may be required to complete the groom.  
Fee collection: Fees are due at the time of service.  If for any reason all fees and charges are not paid and it is necessary to pursue collection of said fees and charges through civil action the owner agrees that all related collection expenses and other costs shall be paid by the owner of the pet.
Matted Hair on Pets: Owner is aware that if the hair on pet is in a matted condition, pet may not be able to receive the style of cut requested. If the matting is severe, brushing out may be too stressful and painful for the pet.  In this case The Paw Spa may not be able to continue the groom.  A shave down or a much shorter cut may be a possible option, We will contact you if this is the only option.   Extra care will be taken in the shave-down process, however, if a cut or nick happens the owner will not hold The Paw Spa responsible because of the matting it is harder to groom the dog.
Extra care will be taken when preforming any grooming procedures, however, owner must understand possible reactions such as stress, skin irritation, possible nicks to the skin, or a toe nail quicked and agree not to hold The Paw Spa responsible for any injuries which might result from this grooming process.
Aging and Special Needs Pets: Owner is aware that as a the pet ages or if the pet has special medical conditions, the process of grooming may become stressful, both physically and mentally.  The stress of grooming may cause latent, unknown, active or inactive conditions such as arthritis, bone, joint or surgical sites to become active or inflamed, and unknown active or inactive heart, kidney, or liver disorders to become active and can result in illness, seizures, or the death of the pet.  Although The Paw Spa will take responsible care in the grooming of the pet, owner acknowledges that the stress of grooming may initiate immediate or latent medical problems in your pet.  Owner agrees not to hold The Paw Spa responsible for reactions to grooming.
Moles/Skin Lesions/Tumors/Other Skin Irregularities: Because these skin irregularities may protrude from the skin, they are vulnerable to nicks or cuts during the grooming process;owner agrees not to hold The Paw Spa responsible for any cuts or nicks and skin reactions/irritations do to grooming process.
Safety Measures: All precautions will be taken;however, problems occasionally arise during or after the grooming visit such as nick's, clipper irritation, mental or physical stress. Grooming can expose a hidden medical problem or aggravate a current one.  This too can occur during or after grooming.
Medical Treatment: Should your pet become ill or appear in need of medical attention, we reserve the right to administer aid and /or, to use any available veterinarian.  If an emergency number is provided by the owner, owner will be contacted as soon as is reasonable possible. If medical treatment is needed, the owner agrees that any expenses resulting from the treatment of the owner's pet will be the responsibility of the pet owner whether occurring during or after the visit.  Owner agrees that any veterinarian involved with the care of said pet may release any medical information pertaining to said pet at anytime before or after grooming visit.  Medical expenses will be in addition to any other charges due upon pet's departure.
Aggressive Pets/Parasites: The Paw Spa reserves the right to refuse service to owner and pet, or to stop a groom in progress, whose pet may pose a threat to themselves, other pets or staff, whether it be an aggression problem, health problem, or parasite or flea problems.
Owner Responsibility: The owner agrees to be solely responsible and liable for any and all acts of behavior of their pet.  This may include, but is not limited to, injury or death to pet, injury or death to another pet(s, or injury or death to a staff member or any other member of the public.  Medical treatment expenses required by a staff member, a member of the public or for another pet will be the sole responsibility of the pet owner.
Damages: The Paw Spa does not assume and shall not be held liable for any damages which may occur from any cause what so ever, including loss of pet by fire, theft, running away by the pet, damage or loss of property (ours or yours) caused by the owners pet while at The Paw Spa.
Vaccinations:The owner represents to The Paw Spa that their pet has not been exposed to Rabies, Distemper, Parvo, Bordetella, etc.. within the past 30 days prior to visiting The Paw Spa..
Boarding: Owner agrees to pay an hourly boarding fee for pets that are not picked up by closing.
Entire Agreement: This contract contains the entire agreement between The Paw Spa and the pet owner and all terms and conditions of this contract shall remain binding, By signing this contract the owner certifies that all information given about the owners pet is true and accurate.
Having read all of the above, I hereby agree by my signature below:

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